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2014-04-28: Dr Guillaume Lettre identifies genetic mutations involved in human blood diseases.

Science cover

2013-10-11: An article with Dr Guillaume Lettre and Samuel Lessard as co-authors made the cover of Science.

2013-10-04: Lip-sync!


2013-07-18: SCD findings highlighted as one of the hottest studies in Blood.

2012-12-12: Dr Guillaume Lettre receives a Doris Duke Innovations in Clinical Research Award.

2012-01-23: Dr Guillaume Lettre talks about height.

2010-11-24: Dr Guillaume Lettre receives a Canada Research Chair.

2010-09-30: Dr Guillaume Lettre's laboratory publishes an important study in Nature on the genetics of adult height.

My group is interested in the genetics of complex traits and common diseases in humans.  Based at the Montreal Heart Institute, we aim to identify genetic variation that influences cardiovascular disease risk using high-throughput DNA genotyping and re-sequencing technologies, together with state-of-the-art computational and bioinformatics approaches.

The group is part of the Faculty of Medicine at the Université de Montréal. Many of our research projects are great collaborations with colleagues and friends in Montreal and Boston (Broad Institute, Children’s Hospital Boston, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute).


Opportunities exist for talented and motivated individuals (students, postdocs, fellows, programmers, bioinformaticians, and (bio)statisticians) to join our research activities. Please send email enquiries to Guillaume Lettre.


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